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Tooth Repair in Sugar Hill

Also serving Johns Creek, Buford, & Suwanee

Tooth repair in Sugar Hill & Johns CreekYou should be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a complete smile and healthy, intact teeth. If a damaged tooth or missing tooth is keeping you from speaking, eating or completing another everyday task, Dentistry of Sugar Hill can help. We offer many ways to repair or replace teeth for optimal health, function and appearance.

The Importance of Repairing Damaged Teeth and Replacing Lost Teeth

Although it may seem as though repairing a damaged or missing tooth is for vain or superficial reasons, there are actually many health benefits to doing so. Tooth repair or replacement prevents a host of problems from occurring.

For example, damaged teeth can lose their strength and stability, and shift position in the mouth. They may have uneven surfaces, which are prime spots for bacteria to accumulate. Damaged teeth can also be extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages.

Missing teeth can lead to bone loss in the jawbone underneath the gap. Gaps in between the teeth can also throw off the bite, which can have additional consequences like headaches and jaw pain.

How We Approach Tooth Repair

When handling tooth repair cases, we consider aesthetics, form and function. We want restored teeth to look great, be structurally sound and support the forces of biting and chewing. We want tooth replacements to look lifelike and blend in with the surrounding natural teeth. All repaired or replaced teeth should feel comfortable and secure in the mouth.

Thanks to our dentists’ experience and expertise and the technology available to us, we can deliver top-quality tooth restorations and replacements that exceed our patients’ expectations.

Tooth Repair Options

Replace lost teeth Buford & SuwaneeDental bonding can repair teeth that are chipped, cracked, decayed or misshapen. The composite bonding material is applied to the tooth, molded and smoothed. An ultraviolet light is used to harden the composite material. The bonding is then shaped and polished to blend in with the surrounding tooth structure.

Dental crowns offer coverage, strength and protection to teeth that are badly chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged. They are placed over the tooth to replicate its entire exterior. Crowns are specially constructed to match the visual characteristics of the surrounding natural teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings are placed on teeth with small areas of decay. After the decayed tooth material is removed, the filling material helps close off the space so bacteria cannot enter the tooth. The material is selected to blend in with the surrounding tooth structure.

Dental bridges are used to close the gap left by a missing tooth. Conventional bridges are made up of an artificial tooth bookended by two crowns. The artificial tooth fits into the gap and the crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap.

Dental implants replace a missing tooth from root to crown. A titanium screw or post is placed in the jawbone to function as a tooth root and support a dental crown. A special abutment piece connects the crown to the post or screw.

Learn More about Tooth Repair

For more information about repairing a damaged tooth or replacing a lost tooth, please call or email Dentistry of Sugar Hill today. We would be happy to explain your options and help you select the most appropriate choice.