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Your First Visit to Dentistry of Sugar Hill

Also serving Johns Creek, Buford, & Suwanee

First visit to Dentistry of Sugar Hill

The goal of your first visit to Dentistry of Sugar Hill is for our dentists to get an understanding of your diagnostic baseline of oral health and your outcome objectives of treatment.

Arriving at Our Office

Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete our annual requirements of medical and dental history updates that must be completed by every patient.

  • Here is a checklist of what to supply us with at your first visit:

  • Current medications (and dosages),
  •  Drivers license
  •  Insurance card and proof of current coverage
  •  Dental records you have from previous dentists

We reserve the right to take our own diagnostics before presenting recommendations of treatment that will benefit our patients.

Sitting Down with Our Team

After being escorted into a treatment room, the lead assistant of the doctor you will see will complete all diagnostics our doctors require. A series of digital images or X-rays are taken, intra and extra oral photos, study model, gum health and existing restoration charting and, in smile design cases, imaging of your smile now and what it could look like to provide a more detailed look at your mouth. What the dentist is looking for depends on your dental history, age, stage of life and any risk factors. For example, if you wear dentures, the dentist wants to check to ensure you have adequate bone to support the dentures. Or, the dentist might want to check for any impacted wisdom teeth that haven’t erupted into the mouth yet.

Our doctors conduct a mandatory comprehensive oral evaluation of the hard and soft tissue in your mouth to recommend the best solution for your oral health needs and/or your smile restoration.

Based on our hygienists’ and doctors’ assessment of your tissue health, teeth may be cleaned during this appointment or a cleaning scheduled for a subsequent visit.

Based on the results of the oral exam, digital images and X-rays, together you and the dentist will decide on a plan of treatment. You might not have any dental problems — you may simply want to improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental care Johns Creek, Buford, & SuwaneeMeeting Our General Manager

After your case synopsis has been determined, our treatment coordinators will meet with you to discuss your financial investment options, insurance benefits (if any) and our third party financing options.

You will receive a copy of your dental treatment plan to take home with you; this document will include a pricing quote for any recommended or optional treatments.

Schedule an Appointment with Dentistry of Sugar Hill

We look forward to helping you enjoy a beautiful smile and optimal oral health. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment at Dentistry of Sugar Hill.