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Dental Implants in Sugar Hill

Also serving Johns Creek, Buford, & Suwanee

Dental implants in Sugar Hill & Johns CreekDental Implants in Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, and Buford

Don’t let a missing tooth keep you from enjoying the attractive smile and dental health you desire. Arguably the best way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant, or a small prosthetic that feels, fits and functions just like a natural tooth. They enable millions of people that have suffered tooth loss to chew normally, speak clearly and smile confidently.

For the best dental implant results, you should work with an experienced and talented implant dentist with proven results. Dentistry of Sugar Hill has been recommending and placing dental implants for many years and has a very high success rate. We encourage you to learn more about your dental implant options today.  

Understanding Dental Implants and Their Benefits

Implants consist of a titanium post or screw, a connector piece and an artificial tooth that sits on the gumline. They are the only tooth replacement that is anchored in the jawbone for a secure and stable result. Implants are customized to the needs of the individual patient for the absolute best fit and feel.

When compared to other tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges, dental implants have many advantages:

  • feel, fit and function like natural, healthy teeth
  • restore normal eating, smiling and speaking
  • don’t shift or slide around in the mouth
  • can chew virtually any food
  • can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth
  • don’t rely on the surrounding teeth for support
  • keep the surrounding teeth from shifting around in the mouth
  • keep the underlying jawbone strong and healthy
  • are completely customized to the specifications of the patient
  • help retain the natural face shape and smile

Treatment Details

Tooth replacement Buford & SuwaneeIf you have decided to replace one or more missing teeth with a dental implant, the first step is to meet with a qualified implant dentist to discuss and draft the treatment plan. Together with the dentist, you will select the appropriate dental implant post and tooth replacement. Implant posts come in different sizes and heights to accommodate different needs, and can be connected to several different types of tooth replacements. These details will be worked out and included in the treatment plan.

Placing dental implants takes place in three steps.

First, the implant post, which sometimes looks like a screw, is surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gap. The implant post heals for a period of several months and becomes part of the bone’s anatomy. This process, called osseointegration, creates a stable and long-lasting foundation for the replacement tooth.

Once the post and jawbone have grown together, the abutment connector piece of attached to the top of the implant post. The artificial tooth is then attached to the abutment.

If one tooth is being replaced, a crown is typically used. If multiple teeth need to be replaced, implant posts can support a bridge or dentures.

Schedule a Dental Implants Consultation

To learn more about replacing missing teeth with dental implants, contact Dentistry of Sugar Hill today. We would be happy to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. Serving dental patients in Johns Creek, Suwanee, Buford, and the surrounding areas.