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Dental Crowns in Sugar Hill

Also serving Johns Creek, Buford, & Suwanee

Dental crowns in Sugar Hill & Johns CreekServing Patients in Sugar Hill, Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Buford

A tooth that sustains a crack, fracture or large cavity needs coverage and support to prevent the damage from worsening. One way to restore a tooth with substantial damage is to cover it with a dental crown, sometimes referred to as a cap.

Dental crowns encapsulate the entire exterior of the tooth, recreating the look and feel of a natural healthy tooth. Individuals seeking dental crowns in Sugar Hill and the surrounding areas turn to Dentistry of Sugar Hill for beautifully designed, expertly placed crowns that fit and feel good.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are needed when:

  • Teeth are badly cracked or broken
  • Weak teeth require protection to prevent damage
  • There is inadequate tooth structure to support a large filling
  • There is inadequate tooth structure to withstand forces from chewing and biting
  • A bridge needs to be attached to the teeth adjacent to a gap

Treatment Details

Traditionally, crown design and delivery required at least two dental appointments. First, the dentist would take impressions and photographs of the teeth and send that information to the dental laboratory responsible for creating the crown. The tooth receiving the crown would be prepared (i.e., a small bit of tooth structure was removed) and a temporary crown would be placed over the prepared tooth until the permanent restoration was ready and delivered to the dentist. Then, the temporary was removed and the permanent bonded into place.

However, breakthrough CEREC technology has completely changed the way that our team designs and delivers dental crowns. Using the CEREC system, we can design, mill and deliver crowns in a single dental visit, with no need for temporary, ill-fitting crowns.

Tooth reconstruction Buford & SuwaneeTo begin, we will take digital photographs and impressions of the tooth or teeth receiving the crown(s). We will feed this data into the CEREC computer system, which allows us to create a three-dimensional model of your tooth. We design the restoration using computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technology. Once the design is ready, you help us pick out the block of porcelain from which your restoration will be created.

The CEREC milling machine then constructs the crown. When it is prepared, we will place it over the prepared tooth and check its fit. If needed, we can make last-minute adjustments. Finally, the crown is bonded into place and polished. The entire process takes less than two hours.

Caring for and Maintaining Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns are designed to last a long time, but they are not impenetrable. They require care and attention just like natural healthy teeth.

Brush and floss your teeth, including your crown, daily, and focus on removing plaque from the area where the gum meets the crowned tooth. Avoid chewing on hard items, like ice or nut shells, to prevent cracking or fracturing your crown. See your dentist at least twice a year so he can check the crown for any signs of a problem.

A properly cleaned and maintained crown can last five to eight years or more.

Learn More about Dental Crowns

For more information about dental crowns in Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Buford, contact Dentistry of Sugar Hill and request an appointment with our talented dental professionals. Call or email us today!