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Welcome To Dentistry of Sugar Hill

Nothing projects confidence, self-esteem, success and health like a beautiful smile. We have established an innovative culture to service others. Our integrative and interdisciplinary approach to our clients’ needs allows our clinical team to care for them comprehensively at our facility. Our entire team of dental professionals looks forward to working with you to create a new standard of oral health and an attractive smile you have always wanted. If you were not born with a picture-perfect smile (as most of us weren’t), or your smile has changed over the years, consider a smile consult, a periodontal health evaluation or a tooth replacement consult at Dentistry of Sugar Hill. We are passionate about solving your oral health and smile concerns that prevent you from enjoying a healthy mouth and smile.

Our Restorative & Smile Design Experts

We collaborate with our patients in ways that are innovative and creative. Each person has their own set of unique dental needs and goals to obtain optimum long-term oral and overall health. To accommodate such diverse needs, we have intentionally created an inter-disciplinary team of dentists with diverse focuses and expertise based on their clinical aptitude, training, development and integrative medicine knowledge to serve our patients with expertise, ethics, eloquence and excellence. Our dentists work one-on-one with patients to design and execute customized treatment plans to achieve the results they want and need.

We are a state-of-the-art facility, where we thrive in a culture of leading change and serving others to transform their health and their lives. Our facility is ever improving with renowned Digital Lab products, the newest technology for advanced diagnostics for implant, smile design, restorative and preventive care and sleep/breathing concerns.

Our cone-beam technology, digital X-rays and integrative medicine data help us to better understand other issues a patient may or may not know they have. As dental care innovators, we have created a dynamic team, with the right people in the right place, doing the right job, with the right diagnostic technology, providing treatment options for precision, purpose and productive outcomes that satisfy our patients’ expectations.

With our core culture being rooted in ethics, expertise, excellence and eloquence, we are committed to giving each of our patients an experience where they receive care, compassion, collaboration and comfort at every touch point. We are able to utilize any and all technological advances, in our office and sphere of influence in the community, to provide the highest level of care and service (i.e., the difference between good and great!).

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